Kirk Lau








To obtain a co-op position where I can utilize my educational background, interests and work experience in electronics, computer and optical engineering.




Applied Electronic Design Post Diploma                                                                                        2004-present

Seneca College, Toronto, Ontario                                                                                     Current   GPA 3.8/4.0


Bachelor of Engineering, Engineering Physics, Majored in Electro-Optics and Photonics     1998-2002

McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario                                                                         Final Year GPA 3.6/4.0        


Continuing education Diploma, CNC Programming and CAM/CAD                                          2003-2004

Seneca College, Toronto Ontario                                                                                                      GPA 3.9/4.0




Programming and Languages    -   Microcontroller/processor programming in C and ASM (PIC, HCS12, etc)

                                                        -  C, C++, BASIC, FORTRAN, Visual Basic

                                                        -  VHDL

                                                        -  PHP, CGI, PERL and shell scripting, also basic ASP and JavaScript

                                                        -  PLC Programmable Logic Control


Instrumentations                          -  Function Generators, Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer

                                                        -  Computer/Microcontroller based Data Acquisition

                                                        -  Optical Instrumentations


Design and Engineering             -  Microcontroller programming and Embedded system design

                                                        -  DSP filter Design and implementation

                                                        -  PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Design

                                                        -  Wireless System Analysis

                                                        -  FPGA design

                                                        -  ASIC Basic design

                                                        -  DFMEA Analysis, Statistics, Probabilistic and Quality Management

                                                        -  Optical System Design


Software Packages and Tools    -  Mentor Graphics Expedition PCB

                                                        -  Mentor Graphics FPGAdvantage, Altera MaxPlus II

                                                        -  Cadence ICFB packages, basic OrCAD and PSpice

                                                        -  MATLAB, Maple, National Labview

                                                        -  Agilent VEE, VSA

                                                        -  MasterCAM, Discreet 3D Studio (Max)

                                                    -  Macromedia Flash, Firework and DreamWeaver,

                                                    -  Adobe PhotoShop, ImageReady, PageMaker and goLive

                                                        -  DOS, UNIX/Linux, Windows all versions, Corel, MS Office, MySQL


Hardware and Electronics           -  Digital and Analog circuits, Amplifier circuits design

                                                        -  TTL and Micro-Controller based Circuits designs and Implementation

                                                        -  Computer Interfacing

                                                        -  Basic CAN (2.0 A and B) interface



-  Flexible to work under strict project time-scales

-  Ability to work independently and/or in a team

-  Learns quickly, effective in handling and prioritizing multiple tasks

-  Proven work ethic, good communications skills and responsible worker

-  Ability to apply quick and accurate decisions

-  Honest and reliable, highly motivate

-  Multilingual, Fluent in English, Cantonese, and also able to communicate in Mandarin.

-  Member of IEEE student division at Seneca College





Lab Technician                                                                                                                     Sep 2004 - present   

School of Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology

Seneca College, Toronto, ON

-  Monitor the students in the labs

-  Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the equipment

-  Solidify the concepts presented by the professors by answering questions related to the application of the theory previously presented


Webmaster                                                                                                                            Jan 2005 - present

School of Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology

Seneca College., Toronto, ON

-  Maintain school webpage using Dreamweaver, Automated Shell Script, and varies development tools

-  Eliminate bugs and errors

-  Modify the site according to feedback from staff and professors


Technical Engineering Sales                                                                                              Jan 2003 - present

Technical Support, Sales, and Product Decisions

Supremetronic Inc., Toronto, ON

-  Provide technical support and specification on products and service

-  Exercise safety precautions on products and provide same details to customers

-  Decide on new items to stock in terms of technical aspects and potential


Summer Student, Office of Chief Engineer                                                                       May 2001 - Sep 2001   

Research Student in Nuclear Reactor Physics

Atomic Energy Canada, Deep River, ON

-  Created program to extract, analyze, manipulate over 1GByte of nuclear database

-  Performed computer simulation test of Neutron Cross Section Analysis (MCNP)

-  Simulated Accidents Situation with Computer (Loss of Coolant Accident, LOCA)

-  Benchmarked a new cross section database and design computational analysis routine.


Electrical/Electronics Design                                                                                             Sep 2001 - May 2002  

Solar Car Challenger, Electrical Team

McMaster University, Hamilton, ON

-  Designed and created layout of Electrical and Control system

-  Provided mentoring in electrical components and theories (e.g. Solar cell IV-characteristic, Microcontroller programming, etc.) to junior members

-  Analyzing batteries characteristics and benchmarked different solar cells





Available upon request