Well... My name is Kirk, lastname Lau...

Lot of people called me Captain Kirk... for some obvious reason... But i honestly don't like this name... really..

but ah well.. it doesn't matter here's a little bit about myself!!!

Name: Kirk Lau
Gender: Male
Status: not Married
DOB: Oct 02, 1978
Age: calculate yourself! ^_^
Origin: Hong Kong, China
Current Location: Toronto, Canada
Language: Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Some Japanese
Hobbies: Computer, Web design, Computer Games, Electronics designs, Microcontroller programming, Robotics(ya.. i am a geek!) Biking, skating
School: FunFun Kindergarden, Hop Yat Church School (Elementary), Yu Chun Keung Memorial College (High School), Newtonbrook Secondary School (High School), McMaster University(undergrad), Seneca College (Post Dipolma)
Educations: Bach. Of Engineering - Engineering Physics (Electro-Optics and Photonics), Applied Electronic Design Post Dipolma
Favourite Musics: Jazz, Jpop, Oldies, R&Bs